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Level one cache

primary cache


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  • Level pegging

    noun 1. equality between two contestants adjective 2. (of two contestants) equal

  • Level-playing-field

    noun 1. a state of equality; an equal opportunity. noun 1. a situation in which none of the competing parties has an advantage at the outset of a competitive activity noun phrase Equality of opportunity; fair terms on all sides: It’s no level playing field if you always get to pick first (1981+)

  • Level-sensitive scan design

    (circuit design) (LSSD) A kind of scan design which uses separate system and scan clocks to distinguish between normal and test mode. Latches are used in pairs, each has a normal data input, data output and clock for system operation. For test operation, the two latches form a master/slave pair with one scan input, one […]

  • Level two cache

    secondary cache

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