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[verb lev-i-geyt; adjective lev-i-git, -geyt] /verb ˈlɛv ɪˌgeɪt; adjective ˈlɛv ɪ gɪt, -ˌgeɪt/

verb (used with object), levigated, levigating.
to rub, grind, or reduce to a fine powder, as in a mortar, with or without the addition of a liquid.
Chemistry. to make a homogeneous mixture of, as gels.
Botany. having a smooth, glossy surface; glabrous.
verb (chem)
(transitive) to grind into a fine powder or a smooth paste
to form or cause to form a homogeneous mixture, as in the production of gels
(transitive) to suspend (fine particles) by grinding in a liquid, esp as a method of separating fine from coarse particles
(botany) having a smooth polished surface; glabrous


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