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[leks] /lɛks/

noun, plural leges
[lee-jeez; Latin le-ges] /ˈli dʒiz; Latin ˈlɛ gɛs/ (Show IPA)
1 .
[sah-loo s paw-poo-lee soo-prey-mah leks es-toh; English sey-luh s pop-yuh-lahy-soo-pree-muh leks es-toh] /ˈsɑ lʊs ˈpɔ pʊˌli suˈpreɪ mɑ lɛks ˈɛs toʊ; English ˈseɪ ləs ˈpɒp yəˌlaɪ sʊˈpri mə lɛks ˈɛs toʊ/
let the welfare of the people be the supreme law: a motto of Missouri.
noun (pl) leges (ˈliːdʒiːz)
a system or body of laws
a particular specified law

1. A lexical analyser generator for Unix and its input language. There is a GNU version called flex and a version written in, and outputting, SML/NJ called ML-lex. A version, by David Poole at Montana has been retargeted to Turbo Pascal, (ftp://iecc.com/pub/file/lyprg.zip).
[“Lex – A Lexical Analyzer Generator”, M.E. Lesk, CS TR 39, Bell Labs, Oct 1975].
2. The lexical specification language for COPS.
[“Metalanguages of the Compiler Production System COPS”, J. Borowiec, in GI Fachgesprach “Compiler-Compiler”, ed W. Henhapl, Tech Hochs Darmstadt 1978, pp.122-159].
Blue Grass Airport (Lexington, KY)


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