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[lahy-buh-ler] /ˈlaɪ bə lər/

a person who ; a person who publishes a assailing another.


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  • Libeling

    [lahy-buh l] /ˈlaɪ bəl/ noun 1. Law. 2. anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents. verb (used with object), libeled, libeling or (especially British) libelled, libelling. 3. to publish a libel against. 4. to misrepresent damagingly. 5. to institute suit against by a libel, as in an admiralty court. /ˈlaɪbəl/ noun 1. […]

  • Libellant

    [lahy-buh-luh nt] /ˈlaɪ bə lənt/ noun, Law. 1. a person who , or institutes suit. /ˈlaɪbələnt/ noun 1. a party who brings an action in the ecclesiastical courts by presenting a libel 2. a person who publishes a libel

  • Libellee

    [lahy-buh-lee] /ˌlaɪ bəˈli/ noun, Law. 1. a person against whom a has been filed in a court; the respondent. /ˌlaɪbəˈliː/ noun 1. a person against whom a libel has been filed in an ecclesiastical court

  • Libellous

    [lahy-buh-luh s] /ˈlaɪ bə ləs/ adjective 1. containing, constituting, or involving a ; maliciously defamatory. adj. also libellous, 1610s, from libel (n.) + -ous. Related: Libelously; libelousness.

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