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an education based primarily on the liberal arts, emphasizing the development of intellectual abilities as opposed to the acquisition of professional skills.
wide experience and education:
Foreign travel gave him a liberal education.


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  • Liberal elite

    noun (often derogatory) 1. the group of people in a society who are considered as having a high level of education and liberal ideas

  • Liberalia

    [lib-uh-rey-lee-uh, -reyl-yuh] /ˌlɪb əˈreɪ li ə, -ˈreɪl yə/ noun, (sometimes used with a plural verb) 1. an ancient Roman festival held annually in honor of Liber and Libera.

  • Liberalisation

    n. chiefly British English spelling of liberalization; for spelling, see -ize.

  • Liberalise

    [lib-er-uh-lahyz, lib-ruh-] /ˈlɪb ər əˌlaɪz, ˈlɪb rə-/ verb (used with or without object), liberalized, liberalizing. 1. to make or become . /ˈlɪbərəˌlaɪz; ˈlɪbrə-/ verb 1. to make or become liberal v. 1774, from liberal (adj.) + -ize. Related: Liberalized; liberalizing.

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