a person who advocates , especially with regard to thought or conduct.
a person who maintains the doctrine of free will (distinguished from ).
advocating or conforming to principles of .
maintaining the doctrine of free will.
Contemporary Examples

Culturally, Perry is much closer to the base than the libertarian peaceniks or the east coast elites.
Rick Perry: America’s Next Top Strategist? James Poulos September 19, 2014

I frequently run in libertarian circles, and so of course, I know a lot of people who think that this is a Really Big Deal.
How much does America’s patent policy matter? Megan McArdle September 6, 2012

If I’m lucky, you’ll soon have advice on gold, seasteading, and the libertarian movement.
#NRIsummit Notes Justin Green January 25, 2013

Yet it took a 13-hour filibuster by the libertarian Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to get a simple—and still squirrely!
Obama’s War on Journalism: ‘An Unconstitutional Act’ Nick Gillespie May 21, 2013

The libertarian Mercatus Center in January warned of Ten Ways Dodd-Frank will hurt the economy in 2013.
Banks Are Thriving Despite Regulations Thanks to Economic Growth Daniel Gross May 29, 2013

This party needs less preaching and libertarian manifestos that essentially defend plutocracy.
Off the Rails: How the Party of Lincoln Became the Party of Plutocrats Joel Kotkin November 21, 2012

Historical Examples

At the same time, the difference between Determinist and libertarian Justice can hardly have any practical effect.
The Methods of Ethics Henry Sidgwick

The case has been conceded to him in advance, and the libertarian can only flinch from his logic.
Major Prophets of To-Day Edwin E. Slosson

It is chiefly on the libertarian side that I find a tendency to the exaggeration of which I have just spoken.
The Methods of Ethics Henry Sidgwick

So far I concede the libertarian contention as to the demoralising effect of Determinism, if held with a real force of conviction.
The Methods of Ethics Henry Sidgwick

a believer in freedom of thought, expression, etc
(philosophy) a believer in the doctrine of free will Compare determinism
of, relating to, or characteristic of a libertarian

1789, “one who holds the doctrine of free will” (opposed to necessitarian), from liberty (q.v.) on model of unitarian, etc. Political sense of “person advocating liberty in thought and conduct” is from 1878. As an adjective by 1882. U.S. Libertarian Party founded in Colorado, 1971.

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