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a tough, durable cloth binding for books.
Compare .
the production of books that are bound with library binding.


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  • Library-card

    noun 1. a card issued by a library to individuals or organizations entitling them or their representatives to borrow materials.

  • Library-edition

    noun 1. an edition of a book prepared for library use, especially with a library binding. 2. a set of books with common subject matter or authorship and uniform physical characteristics. noun 1. an edition of a book having a superior quality of paper, binding, etc noun a set of an author’s books in a […]

  • Library-of-congress

    noun 1. one of the major library collections in the world, located in Washington, D.C., and functioning in some ways as the national library of the U.S. although not officially designated as such: established by Congress in 1800 for service to its members, but now also serving government agencies, other libraries, and the public. The […]

  • Library-of-congress-classification

    noun, Library Science. 1. a system for classifying books and other materials, using for its notation both letters and numerals to allow for expansion: originally developed at the Library of Congress for classifying its books and subsequently adopted by other libraries.

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