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a variant spelling of litchi


Read Also:

  • Lich-stone

    noun 1. a large stone on which to rest a coffin momentarily at the entrance to a cemetery.

  • Licht

    [likht] /lɪxt/ noun, adjective, verb (used with or without object), adverb, Scot. 1. 1 . /lɪxt/ noun, adjective, verb 1. a Scot word for light1 , light2

  • Lichtenstein

    [lik-tuh n-steen] /ˈlɪk tənˌstin/ noun 1. Roy, 1923–97, U.S. painter and sculptor. /ˈlɪktənˌstaɪn/ noun 1. Roy. 1923–97, US pop artist

  • Licit

    [lis-it] /ˈlɪs ɪt/ adjective 1. legal; lawful; legitimate; permissible. /ˈlɪsɪt/ adjective 1. a less common word for lawful adj. late 15c., from Middle French licite or directly from Latin licitus “lawful,” past participle of licere “be allowed, be lawful” (see licence). Related: Licitly; licitness.

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