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a removable or hinged cover for closing the opening, usually at the top, of a pot, jar, trunk, etc.; a movable cover.
an eyelid.
a restraint, ceiling, or curb, as on prices or news.
Slang. a hat, cap, or other head covering.

the cover of the capsule; operculum.
the upper section of a pyxidium.

Slang. one ounce of marijuana.
to supply or cover with a lid.
blow / flip one’s lid, Slang. to lose control, especially to rage hysterically:
He nearly flipped his lid over the way they damaged his car.
Also, flip one’s wig.
blow the lid off, Informal. to expose to public view, especially to reveal something scandalous, illegal, etc.
Contemporary Examples

Edwards Staffer Andrew Young Offers Shocking Testimony About His Boss Diane Dimond April 24, 2012
Japan Nuclear Fallout: How Bad Could It Get? Josh Dzieza March 11, 2011
Inside Obama’s Pentagon Downsizing: More Drones, Smaller Military Tara McKelvey January 6, 2012
Ham, Green Bean Casserole, Easy Trifle The Daily Beast December 22, 2008
Pageant Moms Aren’t All Crazy Heather Ryan May 17, 2011

Historical Examples

The Story of Opal Opal Whiteley
Way of the Lawless Max Brand
The Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories Various
The Paradise of Children Nathaniel Hawthorne
Miss Leslie’s Lady’s New Receipt-Book Eliza Leslie

a cover, usually removable or hinged, for a receptacle: a saucepan lid, a desk lid
short for eyelid
(botany) another name for operculum (sense 2)
(slang) short for skidlid
(US, old-fashioned, slang) a quantity of marijuana, usually an ounce
(Austral, informal) dip one’s lid, to raise one’s hat as a greeting, etc
(slang) flip one’s lid, to become crazy or angry
(informal) put the lid on

(Brit) to be the final blow to
to curb, prevent, or discourage

(informal) take the lid off, to make startling or spectacular revelations about

A hat (1896+)
One ounce of marijuana: a shutdown on grass, lids were going for thirty dollars/ lifted out the back seat and found a lid of marijuana (1960s+ Narcotics)

poor operator (shortwave transmission)

blow the lid off
flip one’s lid
put the lid on


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