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[lee-doh] /ˈli doʊ/

noun, plural lidos. British.
a fashionable beach resort.
a public open-air swimming pool.
[lee-doh; Italian lee-daw] /ˈli doʊ; Italian ˈli dɔ/
a chain of sandy islands in NE Italy, between the Lagoon of Venice and the Adriatic: resort.
noun (pl) -dos
(Brit) a public place of recreation, including a pool for swimming or water sports

famous resort island off Venice, from Italian lido, from Latin litus “shore.”

An input language for the attribute evaluator generator LIGA (a successor of GAG and a subsystem of the Eli compiler-compiler). LIDO is derived from GAG’s input language ALADIN.
[“LIDO: A Specification Language for Attribute Grammars”, U. Kastens , Fab Math-Inf, U Paderborn (Oct 1989)].


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