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[lahy-uh n, -en] /ˈlaɪ ən, -ɛn/

noun, Anatomy.
the spleen.
of or relating to the spleen
/ˈliːən; liːn/
(law) a right to retain possession of another’s property pending discharge of a debt

“right to hold property of another until debt is paid,” 1530s, from Middle French lien “a band or tie,” from Latin ligamen “bond,” from ligare “to bind, tie” (see ligament).

lienal li·e·nal (lī’ə-nəl)

lien li·en (lī’ən, -ěn’)
The spleen.
lien [(leen, lee-uhn)]

A claim or right given to a creditor to secure payment of a debt, usually by sale of the debtor’s property.


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    lienal artery n. An artery with its origin in the celiac trunk, with branches to the pancreatic, left gastroepiploic, short gastric, and splenic arteries. Also called splenic artery.

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