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one member of a monogamous relationship.
either member of a couple in a long-term relationship


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    noun, British. 1. a peer whose title ceases at death; nonhereditary peer. noun 1. (Brit) a peer whose title lapses at his death

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    noun 1. (def 2).

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    noun 1. a buoyant jacket, belt, or other like device for keeping a person afloat. 2. British Slang. a weapon, especially a short stick with a weighted head; blackjack. noun 1. (Brit) a club or bludgeon, esp one kept for self-defence 2. (US & Canadian) a life belt or life jacket

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    [lahy-fer] /ˈlaɪ fər/ noun, Slang. 1. a person sentenced to or serving a term of imprisonment. 2. a person committed to a professional lifetime career in the military. 3. a person who has devoted a lifetime to a profession, occupation, or pursuit. 4. /ˈlaɪfə/ noun 1. (informal) a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment n. “prisoner […]

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