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[lahyf-lahyn] /ˈlaɪfˌlaɪn/

a , fired across a ship or boat, by means of which a hawser for a breeches buoy may be hauled aboard.
a or rope for saving , as one attached to a lifeboat.
any of various running above the decks, spars, etc., of a ship or boat to give sailors something to grasp when there is danger of falling or being washed away.
a wire safety rope supported by stanchions along the edge of the deck of a yacht.
the by which a diver is lowered and raised.
any of several anchored used by swimmers for support.
a route or means of transportation or communication for receiving or delivering food, medicine, or assistance:
This road is the town’s lifeline and must be kept open despite the snow.
assistance at a critical time.
a line thrown or fired aboard a vessel for hauling in a hawser for a breeches buoy
any rope or line attached to a vessel or trailed from it for the safety of passengers, crew, swimmers, etc
a line by which a deep-sea diver is raised or lowered
a vital line of access or communication

also life-line, 1700, “rope used somehow to save lives,” from life (n.) + line (n.); figurative sense first attested 1860. Sense in palmistry from 1890.


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