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Lifestyle drug


any drug that is not taken for medical reasons but to improve a way or style of living, such as virility medication


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  • Lifestyle guru

    noun 1. a person hired to give someone advice on various aspects of his or her life, work, and relationships

  • Lifestyler

    /ˈlaɪfˌstaɪlə/ noun 1. (informal) a person who adopts a particular lifestyle: new lifestyler, vampire lifestyler

  • Lifestyle office

    noun a workplace with different areas that may be conducive to different work styles Word Origin 2000

  • Life-support

    [lahyf-suh-pawrt, -pohrt] /ˈlaɪf səˌpɔrt, -ˌpoʊrt/ adjective 1. of or relating to equipment or measures that sustain or artificially substitute for essential body functions, as breathing or disposal of body wastes: Without life-support equipment, the patient might die. 2. of or relating to equipment or measures that provide, within a surrounding hostile environment, as outer space […]

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