[lig-uh-muh nt] /ˈlɪg ə mənt/

Anatomy, Zoology. a band of tissue, usually white and fibrous, serving to connect bones, hold organs in place, etc.
a tie or bond:
The desire for personal freedom is a ligament uniting all peoples.
(anatomy) any one of the bands or sheets of tough fibrous connective tissue that restrict movement in joints, connect various bones or cartilages, support muscles, etc
any physical or abstract connection or bond

late 14c., from Latin ligamentum “band, tie, ligature,” from ligare “to bind, tie,” from PIE *leig- “to bind” (cf. Albanian lith “I bind,” Middle Low German lik “band,” Middle High German geleich “joint, limb”). Related: Ligamental; ligamentary.

ligament lig·a·ment (lĭg’ə-mənt)

lig’a·men’tal (-měn’tl) or lig’a·men’ta·ry (-měn’tə-rē, -měn’trē) or lig’a·men’tous adj.
A sheet or band of tough fibrous tissue that connects two bones or holds an organ of the body in place.

A kind of fibrous connective tissue that binds bones or cartilage together.

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  • Ligament of head of femur

    ligament of head of femur n. A flattened ligament that passes from the fovea in the head of the femur to the borders of the acetabular notch. Also called round ligament of femur.

  • Ligamentopexis

    ligamentopexis lig·a·men·to·pex·is (lĭg’ə-měn’tə-pěk’sĭs) or lig·a·men·to·pex·y (-měn’tə-pěk’sē) n. A shortening of a ligament of the uterus.

  • Ligamentous

    [lig-uh-men-tuh s] /ˌlɪg əˈmɛn təs/ adjective 1. pertaining to, of the nature of, or forming a . /ˌlɪɡəˈmɛntəs/ adjective 1. relating to or shaped like a ligament ligamentous lig·a·men·tous (lĭg’ə-měn’təs) adj. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a ligament.

  • Ligamentum

    [lig-uh-men-tuh m] /ˌlɪg əˈmɛn təm/ noun, plural ligamenta [lig-uh-men-tuh] /ˌlɪg əˈmɛn tə/ (Show IPA). Anatomy. 1. . ligamentum lig·a·men·tum (lĭg’ə-měn’təm) n. pl. lig·a·men·ta (-tə) The cordlike remains of a structure that has lost its original lumen,

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