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[lahyt-nis] /ˈlaɪt nɪs/

the state or quality of being in weight:
the amazing lightness of the new metal.
the quality of being agile, nimble, or graceful.
lack of pressure or burdensomeness.
lack of seriousness; levity in actions, thoughts, or speech:
That kind of lightness seemed out of place.
gaiety of manner, speech, style, etc.; cheerfulness:
His lightness was just what the party needed.
[lahyt-nis] /ˈlaɪt nɪs/
the state or quality of being or illuminated.
thin or pale coloration.
the relative degree to which an object reflects , especially of complementary or nearly complementary colors.
the attribute of an object or colour that enables an observer to judge the extent to which the object or colour reflects or transmits incident light See also colour

“quality of having little weight,” late Old English, from light (adj.1) + -ness.


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