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[lig-nahyt] /ˈlɪg naɪt/

a soft coal, usually dark brown, often having a distinct woodlike texture, and intermediate in density and carbon content between peat and bituminous coal.
a brown carbonaceous sedimentary rock with woody texture that consists of accumulated layers of partially decomposed vegetation: used as a fuel. Fixed carbon content: 46–60 per cent; calorific value: 1.28 × 107 to 1.93 × 107 J/kg (5500 to 8300 Btu/lb) Also called brown coal

“imperfectly formed coal,” 1808, from French, from Latin lignum “wood” (see ligni-). Brown coal that still shows traces of the wood it once was. Probably directly from Lithanthrax Lignius, name given to woody coal by Swedish chemist Johan Gottschalk Wallerius (1709-1785) in 1775.
A soft, brownish-black form of coal having more carbon than peat but less carbon than bituminous coal. Lignite is easy to mine but does not burn as well as other forms of coal. It is a greater polluter than bituminous coal because it has a higher sulphur content. Compare anthracite, bituminous coal.


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  • Lignin-sulfonate

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a brown powder consisting of a sulfonate salt made from waste liquor of the sulfate pulping process of soft wood: used in concrete, leather tanning, as an additive in oil-well drilling mud, and as a source of vanillin.

  • Lignite-wax

    noun 1. . [mon-tan] /ˈmɒn tæn/ noun 1. a dark-brown bituminous wax extracted from lignite and peat: used chiefly in polishes and waxes for furniture, shoes, etc. /ˈmɒntæn/ noun 1. a hard wax obtained from lignite and peat, varying in colour from white to dark brown. It is used in polishes and candles

  • Lignivorous

    [lig-niv-er-uh s] /lɪgˈnɪv ər əs/ adjective 1. . /lɪɡˈnɪvərəs/ adjective 1. (of animals) feeding on wood

  • Ligno-

    1. variant of : lignocellulose.

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