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[lahyk-lee-hoo d] /ˈlaɪk liˌhʊd/

the state of being or probable; probability.
a probability or chance of something:
There is a strong likelihood of his being elected.
Archaic. indication of a favorable end; promise.
the condition of being likely or probable; probability
something that is probable
(statistics) the probability of a given sample being randomly drawn regarded as a function of the parameters of the population. The likelihood ratio is the ratio of this to the maximized likelihood See also maximum likelihood

late 14c., “resemblance, similarity,” from likely + -hood. Meaning “probability” is from mid-15c.


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    [lahyk-lee] /ˈlaɪk li/ adjective, likelier, likeliest. 1. probably or apparently destined (usually followed by an infinitive): something not likely to happen. 2. seeming truth, fact, or certainty; reasonably to be believed or expected; believable: a likely story. 3. seeming to fulfill requirements or expectations; apparently suitable: a likely place for a restaurant. 4. showing promise […]

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    noun phrase A probable lie; a statement that seems incredible (1740+)

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