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preference, inclination, or favor:
to show a liking for privacy.
pleasure or taste:
much to his liking.
the state or feeling of a person who likes.
verb (used with object), liked, liking.
to take pleasure in; find agreeable or congenial:
We all liked the concert.
to regard with favor; have a kindly or friendly feeling for (a person, group, etc.); find attractive:
His parents like me and I like them.
to wish or prefer:
You can do exactly as you like while you are a guest here.
Digital Technology. (sometimes initial capital letter) to indicate one’s enjoyment of, agreement with, or interest in (website content, especially in social media): Share your posts so your friends can like them or leave a comment.
Like us on Facebook to get a free sample.
verb (used without object), liked, liking.
to feel inclined; wish:
We’ll have lunch whenever you like.
Archaic. to suit the tastes or wishes; please.
Usually, likes. the things a person likes:
a long list of likes and dislikes.
Digital Technology. (sometimes initial capital letter)

an instance of indicating one’s liking of specific website content:
I see my comment got lots of likes.
a feature or option, usually a button, that enables this:
I installed a Like on my blog so you can subscribe to updates.

Digital Technology. (sometimes initial capital letter) noting or pertaining to a feature used to like specific website content: a Like button;
like boxes.
would like. would1 (def 10).
the feeling of a person who likes; fondness
a preference, inclination, or pleasure
(prenominal) similar; resembling
similar to; similarly to; in the manner of: acting like a maniac, he’s so like his father
used correlatively to express similarity in certain proverbs: like mother, like daughter
such as: there are lots of ways you might amuse yourself — like taking a long walk, for instance
a dialect word for likely
(not standard) as it were: often used as a parenthetic filler: there was this policeman just staring at us, like
(informal) be like …, used to introduce direct speech or nonverbal communication: I was like, ‘You’re kidding!’
(not standard) as though; as if: you look like you’ve just seen a ghost
in the same way as; in the same way that: she doesn’t dance like you do
the equal or counterpart of a person or thing, esp one respected or prized: compare like with like, her like will never be seen again
the like, similar things: dogs, foxes, and the like
the likes of, the like of, people or things similar to (someone or something specified): we don’t want the likes of you around here
(transitive) to find (something) enjoyable or agreeable or find it enjoyable or agreeable (to do something): he likes boxing, he likes to hear music
(transitive) to be fond of
(transitive) to prefer or wish (to do something): we would like you to go
(transitive) to feel towards; consider; regard: how did she like it?
(intransitive) to feel disposed or inclined; choose; wish
(transitive) (archaic) to please; agree with: it likes me not to go
(usually pl) a favourable feeling, desire, preference, etc (esp in the phrase likes and dislikes)


As if; really; you know; sort of •A generalized


used to lend a somewhat tentative and detached tone to the speaker, to give the speaker time to rally words and ideas: Like I was like groovin’ like, you know what I mean? (1950s+ Counterculture & bop talk)


To pick; bet on: I liked Felton. I took his folder and read it again (1950s+)

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