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[lahy-muh] /ˈlaɪ mə/

a bean, Phaseolus limensis, having a broad, flat, edible seed.
the seed, used for food.
/ˈlaɪmə; ˈliː-/
any of several varieties of the bean plant, Phaseolus lunatus (or P. limensis), native to tropical America but cultivated in the US for its flat pods containing pale green edible seeds
the seed of such a plant

1756, associated with Lima, Peru, from which region the plant (Phaseolus lunatus) was introduced to Europe c.1500. Among the earliest New World crops to be known in the Old World, Simmonds’ “Dictionary of Trade” (1858) describes it as “esteemed,” but it has the consistency of a diseased dog kidney.


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