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[lim-uh-nl, lahy-muh-] /ˈlɪm ə nl, ˈlaɪ mə-/

adjective, Psychology.
of, relating to, or situated at the .
(psychol) relating to the point (or threshold) beyond which a sensation becomes too faint to be experienced

1884, from Latin limen “threshold, cross-piece, sill” (see limit (n.)) + -al (1). Related: Liminality.

liminal lim·i·nal (lĭm’ə-nəl)
Relating to a threshold.


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    [lim-uh-nal-i-tee] /ˌlɪm əˈnæl ɪ ti/ noun, Anthropology. 1. the transitional period or phase of a rite of passage, during which the participant lacks social status or rank, remains anonymous, shows obedience and humility, and follows prescribed forms of conduct, dress, etc. noun the condition of being on a threshold or at the beginning of a […]

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    [lim-i-ter-ee] /ˈlɪm ɪˌtɛr i/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or serving as a . 2. Archaic. subject to ; . /ˈlɪmɪtərɪ; -trɪ/ adjective 1. of, involving, or serving as a limit 2. restricted or limited adj. 1610s, from Latin limitaris, from limes (genitive limitis); see limit (n.).

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    /ˌlɪmɪˈtɛərɪən/ noun 1. (Christianity) a person who regards salvation as limited to only a part of mankind

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