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[limp] /lɪmp/

adjective, limper, limpest.
lacking stiffness or firmness, as of substance, fiber, structure, or bodily frame:
a limp body.
lacking vitality; weary; tired; fatigued:
Limp with exhaustion, she dropped into the nearest chair.
without firmness, force, energy, etc., as of character:
limp, spiritless prose.
flexible; not stiff or rigid:
a Bible in a limp leather binding.
verb (intransitive)
to walk with an uneven step, esp with a weak or injured leg
to advance in a labouring or faltering manner
an uneven walk or progress
not firm or stiff
not energetic or vital
(of the binding of a book) not stiffened with boards

1560s, of unknown origin, perhaps related to Middle English lympen “to fall short” (c.1400), which is probably from Old English lemphealt “halting, lame, limping,” which has a lone cognate in the rare Middle High German limphin, and perhaps is from a PIE root meaning “slack, loose, to hang down” (cf. Sanskrit lambate “hangs down,” Middle High German lampen “to hang down”). Related: Limped; limping. As a noun, 1818, from the verb.

1706, “flaccid, drooping,” of obscure origin, perhaps related to limp (v.).

limp (lĭmp)
An irregular, jerky, or awkward gait; a claudication. v. limped, limp·ing, limps
To walk lamely, especially with irregularity, as if favoring one leg.


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