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[lahyn-hawl] /ˈlaɪnˌhɔl/

noting or pertaining to the transport, usually by truck, of heavy loads of freight for long distances or between cities.


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  • Line-hauler

    [lahyn-haw-ler] /ˈlaɪnˌhɔ lər/ noun 1. a heavy-duty truck suitable for transportation.

  • Line in

    noun in computing, an analog port for a device that allows it to receive signals

  • Line-integral

    noun, Mathematics. 1. the limit, as the norm of the partition of a given curve approaches zero, of the sum of the product of the length of the arcs in the partition times the value of the function at some point on each arc.

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    [lahyn] /laɪn/ noun, (used with a plural verb) 1. a group of islands in the central Pacific Ocean, S of the Hawaiian Islands: eight belong to the Republic of Kiribati, three are U.S. dependencies. 193 sq. mi. (500 sq. km). plural noun 1. a group of coral islands in the central Pacific, including Tabuaeran, Teraina, […]

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