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Line-of-battle ship

[lahyn-uh v-bat-l]



Read Also:

  • Line-of-credit

    noun 1. (def 2). noun 1. (US & Canadian) another name for credit line

  • Line of demarcation

    noun a boundary marking something off from something else; also called demarcation line Word Origin from linea de demarcacion, the Pope’s division of the New World between the Spanish and Portuguese line of demarcation n. A zone of inflammatory reaction separating gangrenous from healthy tissue.

  • Line-officer

    noun 1. a military or naval officer serving with combatant units or warships, as distinguished from a staff officer, supply officer, etc.

  • Line-of-fire

    noun 1. the straight horizontal line from the muzzle of a weapon in the direction of the axis of the bore, just prior to firing. noun 1. the flight path of a missile discharged or to be discharged from a firearm

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