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Line plot


a graphic representation in which marks above a number line indicate the frequency of each value


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  • Line pocket

    verb phrase To be greedy, esp by stealing or extortion: lining their pockets from the donations at the theater

  • Line-pockets

    [lahyn] verb (used with object), lined, lining. 1. to cover the inner side or surface of: to line the coat with blue silk. 2. to serve to cover: Velvet draperies lined the walls of the room. 3. to furnish or fill: to line shelves with provisions. 4. to reinforce the back of a book with […]

  • Line-printer

    noun, Computers. 1. a printer that produces an entire line of output at a time. noun 1. an electromechanical device that prints a line of characters at a time rather than a character at a time, at speeds from about 200 to 3000 lines per minute: used in printing and in computer systems

  • Line probing

    A feature of some V.34 modems that will allow them to identify the capacity and quality of the phone line and adjust themselves to allow, for each individual connection, for maximum throughput using the highest possible data transmission rate. (1994-06-09)

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