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(on a typewriter, typesetter, printer, or the like) the horizontal space provided for a line of typing, typesetting, printing, etc.


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  • Line-spectrum

    noun, Physics. 1. an electromagnetic spectrum consisting of discrete lines, usually characteristic of excited atoms or molecules. line spectrum An image of colored lines or bands of light formed in optical spectroscopy, each line representing one of the frequencies in the spectrum of a light source. The light source is usually broken into individual bands […]

  • Lines per minute

    unit (lpm) A unit used to measure line printer throughput. (1999-01-13)

  • Line-squall

    noun 1. a squall advancing along a front that forms a more or less definite line. noun 1. a squall or series of squalls along a cold front

  • Line starve

    (MIT, opposite of line feed) 1. To feed paper through a printer the wrong way by one line (most printers can’t do this). On a display terminal, to move the cursor up to the previous line of the screen. “To print “X squared”, you just output “X”, line starve, “2”, line feed.” (The line starve […]

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