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Line weight


in printing, the thickness of a line


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  • Liney

    [lahy-nee] adjective, linier, liniest. 1. . [lahy-nee] adjective, linier, liniest. 1. full of or marked with . 2. resembling ; linelike.

  • Lin-ft

    1. linear foot.

  • Ling

    [ling] noun, plural (especially collectively) ling (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) lings. 1. an elongated, marine, gadid food fish, Molva molva, of Greenland and northern Europe. 2. the burbot. 3. any of various other elongated food fishes. [ling] noun 1. the heather, Calluna vulgaris. 1. a suffix of nouns, often pejorative, […]

  • Linga

    [ling-guh m] noun 1. Sanskrit Grammar. the masculine gender. 2. (in popular Hinduism) a phallus, symbol of Siva. /ˈlɪŋɡəm/ noun 1. (in Sanskrit grammar) the masculine gender 2. n. “phallic emblem under which Siva is worshipped,” 1719, from Sanskrit linga (nominative lingam) “mark, token, sign, emblem,” of unknown origin.

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