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noun, Mathematics. (of mathematical quantities)
a sum of products of each quantity times a constant:
The expression aX + bY + cZ is a linear combination of X, Y, and Z, where a, b, and c are constants.


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  • Linear-dependence

    noun, Mathematics. 1. (in linear algebra) the property of a set of elements in a vector space in which at least one of the vectors in the set can be written as a linear combination of the others.

  • Linear-differential-equation

    noun, Mathematics. 1. an equation involving derivatives in which the dependent variables and all derivatives appearing in the equation are raised to the first power.

  • Linear-equation

    noun, Mathematics. 1. a first-order equation involving two variables: its graph is a straight line in the Cartesian coordinate system. 2. any equation such that the sum of two solutions is a solution, and a constant multiple of a solution is a solution. noun 1. a polynomial equation of the first degree, such as x […]

  • Linear-extrapolation

    noun 1. Statistics, Mathematics. extrapolation using a linear equation to estimate the value of a variable or function outside the tabulated or observed range.

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