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Lingual artery

lingual artery n.
An artery with origin in the carotid artery, with distribution to the undersurface of the tongue, terminating as the deep artery of the tongue, and with branches to the suprahyoid and dorsal lingual branches and the sublingual artery.


Read Also:

  • Lingual-brace

    noun, Orthodontics. 1. a specialized dental brace that fits behind the teeth so that it is not visible when the wearer speaks or smiles.

  • Lingual follicle

    lingual follicle n. Any of the collections of lymphoid tissue in the mucosa of the pharyngeal part of the tongue that form the lingual tonsil.

  • Lingual goiter

    lingual goiter n. A tumor of thyroid tissue involving the embryonic rudiment at the base of the tongue.

  • Lingual gyrus

    lingual gyrus n. A short horizontal convolution on the inferomedial aspect of the occipital and temporal lobes of the brain, demarcated from the fusiform gyrus by the collateral sulcus and from the cuneus by the calcarine sulcus. Also called medial occipitotemporal gyrus.

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