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Linguatula Lin·guat·u·la (lĭng-gwāch’yə-lə)
A genus of endoparasitic bloodsucking arthropods commonly known as tongue worms and found in lungs or air passages of various vertebrates, including humans.


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  • Linguatuliasis

    linguatuliasis lin·guat·u·li·a·sis (lĭng-gwāch’yə-lī’ə-sĭs) n. Infection with a tongue worm of the genus Linguatula.

  • Linguica

    [ling-gwee-suh; Portuguese lin-gwee-sah, -suh] noun 1. a highly spiced Portuguese garlic sausage.

  • Linguiform

    [ling-gwuh-fawrm] adjective 1. having the shape of a ; tongue-shaped. /ˈlɪŋɡwɪˌfɔːm/ adjective 1. shaped like a tongue linguiform lin·gui·form (lĭng’gwə-fôrm’) adj. Tongue-shaped.

  • Linguine

    [ling-gwee-nee] noun, Italian Cookery. 1. a type of pasta in long, slender, flat strips. /lɪŋˈɡwiːnɪ/ noun 1. a kind of pasta in the shape of thin flat strands n. 1948, from Italian linguine, plural of linguina “little tongue,” diminutive of lingua “tongue,” from Latin lingua “tongue” (see lingual).

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