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of or belonging to language:
linguistic change.
of or relating to .
of or relating to language
of or relating to linguistics

1856, from French linguistique (1833); see linguist + -ic. The use of linguistic to mean “of or pertaining to language or languages” is “hardly justifiable etymologically,” according to OED, but “has arisen because lingual suggests irrelevant associations.” Related: linguistically.


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  • Linguistic-analysis

    noun 1. a 20th-century philosophical movement inspired by Ludwig Wittgenstein and marked by close attention paid to the way words are used in order to clarify concepts and to eliminate confusions arising from mystifying preconceptions about language.

  • Linenized

    [lin-uh-nahyzd] adjective 1. made or finished to resemble the texture of cloth.

  • Linenfold

    [lin-uh n-fohld] noun 1. an ornamental motif resembling , , carved on paneling.

  • Linen-draper

    noun, British. 1. a dry-goods merchant.

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