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a fear of string
Word Origin

Latin linum ‘flax’


Read Also:

  • Lino tile

    noun 1. a tile made of linoleum or a similar substance, used as a floor covering

  • Linotype

    [lahy-nuh-tahyp] /ˈlaɪ nəˌtaɪp/ verb, linotyped, linotyping. Printing. 1. to typeset on a machine. [lahy-nuh-tahyp] /ˈlaɪ nəˌtaɪp/ Trademark. 1. a brand of typesetting machine that casts solid lines of type from brass dies, or matrices, selected automatically by actuating a keyboard. /ˈlaɪnəʊˌtaɪp/ noun 1. trademark a typesetting machine, operated by a keyboard, that casts an entire […]

  • Linpack

    1. A package of linear algebra routines. 2. The kernel benchmark developed from the “LINPACK” package of linear algebra routines. It was written by Jack Dongarra dongarra@cs.utk.edu in Fortran and is commonly used in that language but there is also a C version. Source Code by FTP: single precision Fortran (ftp://netlib.att.com/netlib/benchmark/linpacks.Z), double precision Fortran (ftp://netlib.att.com/netlib/benchmark/linpackd.Z), […]

  • Lin Piao

    [Chinese lin byou] /Chinese ˈlɪn ˈbyaʊ/ noun, Wade-Giles. 1. . /ˈlɪn ˈpjaʊ/ noun 1. 1908–71, Chinese Communist general and statesman. He became minister of defence (1959) and second in rank to Mao Tse-tung (1966). He fell from grace and is reported to have died in an air crash while attempting to flee to the Soviet […]

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