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[lin-zee] /ˈlɪn zi/

noun, plural linseys.


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  • Linsey-woolsey

    [lin-zee-woo l-zee] /ˈlɪn ziˈwʊl zi/ noun, plural linsey-woolseys. 1. a coarse fabric woven from linen warp, or sometimes cotton, and coarse wool filling. 2. a garment made from this. 3. Archaic. any mixture that is incongruous or of poor quality; jumble: That last speech was a linsey-woolsey of stale platitudes. /ˈlɪnzɪˈwʊlzɪ/ noun 1. a thin […]

  • Linstock

    [lin-stok] /ˈlɪnˌstɒk/ noun 1. a staff with one end forked to hold a match, formerly used in firing cannon. /ˈlɪnˌstɒk/ noun 1. a long staff holding a lighted match, formerly used to fire a cannon n. forked staff used for firing a cannon, 1570s, from Dutch lonstok, from lont “match” + stok “stick.”

  • Lint

    [lint] /lɪnt/ noun 1. minute shreds or ravelings of yarn; bits of thread. 2. staple cotton fiber used to make yarn. 3. cotton waste produced by the ginning process. 4. a soft material for dressing wounds, procured by scraping or otherwise treating linen cloth. /lɪnt/ noun 1. an absorbent cotton or linen fabric with the […]

  • Lintel

    [lin-tl] /ˈlɪn tl/ noun 1. a horizontal architectural member supporting the weight above an opening, as a window or a door. /ˈlɪntəl/ noun 1. a horizontal beam, as over a door or window n. early 14c., from Old French lintel “threshold” (13c., Modern French linteau), of uncertain origin, probably a variant of lintier, from Vulgar […]

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