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[lin-yoo] /ˈlɪnˈyu/

Pinyin. former name of .


Read Also:

  • Lin Yutang

    [lin yoo-tahng] /ˈlɪn ˈyuˈtɑŋ/ noun 1. (Lin Yü-t’ang) 1895–1976, Chinese author and philologist.

  • Linzertorte

    n. 1906, from German Linzertorte, from Linzer (adj.) “of Linz,” city in Austria, + torte “tart.” The city name probably is ultimately from the Germanic root for “lime tree.”

  • Linzer-torte

    [lin-zer tawrt] /ˈlɪn zər ˌtɔrt/ noun, plural Linzer tortes. (sometimes lowercase) 1. a sweet pastry, often made with powdered nuts, having a filling of red jam and a lattice crust.

  • Lioncel

    [lahy-uh n-sel] /ˈlaɪ ənˌsɛl/ noun, Heraldry. 1. a lion: so called when three or more are displayed on an escutcheon.

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