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[lahy-uh-nahyz] /ˈlaɪ əˌnaɪz/

verb (used with object), lionized, lionizing.
to treat (a person) as a celebrity:
to lionize the visiting poet.
British. to visit or exhibit the objects of interest of (a place).
verb (used without object), lionized, lionizing.
to pursue celebrities or seek their company.
British. to visit the objects of interest of a place.
(transitive) to treat as or make into a celebrity

“to treat (someone) as a celebrity,” a hybrid from lion + -ize. Used by Scott, 1809, and preserving lion in the sense of “person of note who is much sought-after” (1715), originally in reference to the lions formerly kept in the Tower of London (referred to from late 16c.), objects of general curiosity that every visitor in town was taken to see. Related: Lionized; lionizing.


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