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[lip-lok] /ˈlɪpˌlɒk/

Slang. a long and passionate kiss.


Read Also:

  • Lip-locking

    noun Kissing: Then you might enter into some serious lip-locking (1990s+)

  • Lipmann

    [lip-muh n] /ˈlɪp mən/ noun 1. Fritz Albert, 1899–1986, U.S. biochemist, born in Germany: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1953. Lipmann Lip·mann (lĭp’mən), Fritz Albert. 1899-1986. German-born American biochemist. He shared a 1953 Nobel Prize for studies of metabolic processes.

  • Lip microphone

    noun 1. a microphone designed and shaped to be held close to the mouth, for use in noisy environments

  • Lip mover

    noun phrase A dull and stupid person; blockhead: between those countless millions of lip-movers and the minuscule audience for better novels [1980s+; fr the habit of uneducated or dull people of moving their lips while reading to themselves]

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