[lip-ree-ding] /ˈlɪpˌri dɪŋ/

the reading or understanding, as by a deaf person, of spoken words from the movements of another’s lips without hearing the sounds made.
[lip-reed] /ˈlɪpˌrid/
verb (used with object), lipread
[lip-red] /ˈlɪpˌrɛd/ (Show IPA), lipreading [lip-ree-ding] /ˈlɪpˌri dɪŋ/ (Show IPA)
to understand spoken words by interpreting the movements of a speaker’s lips without hearing the sounds made.
verb (used without object), lipread
[lip-red] /ˈlɪpˌrɛd/ (Show IPA), lipreading [lip-ree-ding] /ˈlɪpˌri dɪŋ/ (Show IPA)
to use lipreading.
a method used by deaf people to comprehend spoken words by interpreting movements of the speaker’s lips Also called speech-reading

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