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[lahy-peys, lip-eys] /ˈlaɪ peɪs, ˈlɪp eɪs/

noun, Biochemistry.
any of a class of enzymes that break down fats, produced by the liver, pancreas, and other digestive organs or by certain plants.
/ˈlaɪpeɪs; ˈlɪpeɪs/
any of a group of fat-digesting enzymes produced in the stomach, pancreas, and liver and also occurring widely in the seeds of plants

class of enzymes, 1897, from French lipase (1896), from Greek lipos “fat” (see lipo- (v.)) + chemical ending -ase.

lipase lip·ase (lĭp’ās’, lī’pās’)
Any of a group of lipolytic enzymes that cleave a fatty acid residue from the glycerol residue in a neutral fat or a phospholipid.
(lĭp’ās’, lī’pās’)
Any of various enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of fats, especially triglycerides and phospholipids, into glycerol and fatty acids.


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