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Lipid granulomatosis

lipid granulomatosis n.
See xanthomatosis.


Read Also:

  • Lipid histiocytosis

    lipid histiocytosis n. Histiocytosis with cytoplasmic accumulation of lipid.

  • Lipidosis

    lipidosis lip·i·do·sis (lĭp’ĭ-dō’sĭs) n. pl. lip·i·do·ses (-sēz) An inborn or acquired disorder of the lipid metabolism.

  • Lipid pneumonia

    lipid pneumonia or lipoid pneumonia n. Inflammatory and fibrotic changes in the lungs due to the inhalation of various fatty substances, or due to accumulation in the lungs of endogenous lipid material following the fracture of a bone.

  • Lipid proteinosis

    lipid proteinosis n. An inherited lipid metabolism disorder characterized by deposits of a protein-lipid complex on the labial mucosa and sublingual and faucial areas, and by papillomatous eyelid lesions.

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