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lipoate lip·o·ate (lĭp’ō-āt’)
A salt or ester of lipoic acid.


Read Also:

  • Lipoatrophy

    lipoatrophy lip·o·at·ro·phy (lĭp’ō-āt’rə-fē) n. The loss of subcutaneous fat.

  • Lipoblast

    lipoblast lip·o·blast (lĭp’ə-blāst’) n. An embryonic fat cell.

  • Lipoblastoma

    lipoblastoma lip·o·blas·to·ma (lĭp’ō-blā-stō’mə) n.

  • Lipoblastomatosis

    lipoblastomatosis lip·o·blas·to·ma·to·sis (lĭp’ō-blā-stō’mə-tō’sĭs) n. A diffuse form of lipoblastoma that infiltrates locally but does not metastasize.

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