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Liquidity event

the ending of an investor’s involvement in a business venture with a view to realizing a gain or loss from the investment

See exit strategy


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  • Liquidity-preference

    noun 1. (in Keynesian economics) the degree of individual preference for cash over less liquid assets. noun 1. (economics) the desire to hold money rather than other assets, in Keynsian theory based on motives of transactions, precaution, and speculation

  • Liquidity ratio

    noun 1. Also called liquid assets ratio. the ratio of those assets that can easily be exchanged for money to the total assets of a bank or other financial institution 2. the ratio of a company’s liquid assets to its current liabilities, used as a measure of its solvency 3. another name for cash ratio

  • Liquidize

    [lik-wi-dahyz] /ˈlɪk wɪˌdaɪz/ verb (used with object), liquidized, liquidizing. 1. to make ; . 2. to stimulate; give facility to: a thought that liquidizes the imagination. 3. to cause (a sound) to be full, round, mellifluous, etc. /ˈlɪkwɪˌdaɪz/ verb 1. to make or become liquid; liquefy 2. (transitive) to pulverize (food) in a liquidizer so […]

  • Liquidizer

    /ˈlɪkwɪˌdaɪzə/ noun 1. a kitchen appliance with blades for cutting and puréeing vegetables, blending liquids, etc Also called blender

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