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[lahyt] /laɪt/

an informal, simplified spelling of 2 (defs 12, 13), used especially in labeling or advertising commercial products:
lite beer.
2 (def 36).
a combining form used in the names of minerals or fossils:
aerolite; chrysolite.
(of food and drink) containing few calories or little alcohol or fat
denoting a more restrained or less extreme version of a person or thing: reggae lite
combining form
(in names of minerals) stone: chrysolite Compare -lith

alternative spelling of light (adj.1), by 1962. Used from at least 1917 in product names, often as a variation of light (n.).

The word Adjusto-Lite for portable electric lamps was opposed by the user of a trade mark Auto-lite registered before the date of use claimed by the applicant. [“The Trade-Mark Reporter,” 1922]

word-forming element meaning “stone,” from French -lite, variant of -lithe, from Greek lithos “stone” (see litho-).


Not serious; not scholarly; watered down; popularized: there’s myth lite apres Joseph Campbell, Pinkola Estes, etc

[1980s+; fr the misspelling of light used to identify less fattening, less intoxicating, etc, products, esp beer]
(Misspelling of “light”, when used to mean “lightweight”) A suffix denoting a scaled-down or crippled product, often designed to be distributed without charge, e.g. on a magazine coverdisk. An example is pklite.


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