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Literary device


a literary or linguistic technique that produces a specific effect, esp. a figure of speech, narrative style, or plot mechanism


Read Also:

  • Literary element

    noun the components of a literary piece: character, setting, plot, theme, and ending/resolution

  • Literary-executor

    noun 1. a person entrusted with the publishable works and other papers of a deceased author.

  • Literary lion

    noun a noted author who has reached celebrity status Examples Philip Roth is a literary lion.

  • Literately

    [lit-er-it] /ˈlɪt ər ɪt/ adjective 1. able to read and write. 2. having or showing knowledge of literature, writing, etc.; literary; well-read. 3. characterized by skill, lucidity, polish, or the like: His writing is literate but cold and clinical. 4. having knowledge or skill in a specified field: Is she computer literate? The boss needs […]

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