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[lit-uh-rah-tuh s, -rey-] /ˌlɪt əˈrɑ təs, -ˈreɪ-/

singular of .
[lit-uh-rah-tee] /ˌlɪt əˈrɑ ti/
plural noun, singular literatus
[lit-uh-rah-tuh s] /ˌlɪt əˈrɑ təs/ (Show IPA)
persons of scholarly or literary attainments; intellectuals.
plural noun
literary or scholarly people

“men and women of letters; the learned class as a whole,” 1620s, from Latin literati/litterati, plural of literatus/litteratus “lettered” (see literate). The proper singular would be literatus, though Italian literato (1704) sometimes is used.


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