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litholapaxy li·thol·a·pax·y (lĭ-thŏl’ə-pāk’sē, lĭth’ə-lə-)
The procedure of crushing of a stone in the bladder and washing out the fragments through a catheter.


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    [li-thol-uh-jee] /lɪˈθɒl ə dʒi/ noun 1. Geology. 2. Medicine/Medical. the study of the formation, pathology, and treatment of stones in the human body. /lɪˈθɒlədʒɪ/ noun 1. the physical characteristics of a rock, including colour, composition, and texture 2. the study of rocks n. study of rock-formation, 1716, from Modern Latin lithologia, from litho- + -logia […]

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