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[li-thot-uh-mee] /lɪˈθɒt ə mi/

noun, plural lithotomies.
surgery to remove one or more stones from an organ or duct.
noun (pl) -mies
the surgical removal of a calculus, esp one in the urinary bladder

1721, from Late Latin lithotomia, from Greek lithotomia, from lithos “stone” (see litho-) + -tomia “cutting” (see -tomy).

lithotomy li·thot·o·my (lĭ-thŏt’ə-mē)
Surgical removal of a calculus, especially from the urinary tract. Also called lithectomy.


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  • Lithotripsy

    [lith-uh-trip-see] /ˈlɪθ əˌtrɪp si/ noun, plural lithotripsies. 1. the pulverization and removal of urinary calculi using a lithotripter. /ˈlɪθəʊˌtrɪpsɪ/ noun 1. the use of ultrasound, often generated by a lithotripter, to pulverize kidney stones and gallstones in situ n. 1834, from litho- + -tripsy, from Greek tripsis “rubbing,” from tribein “to rub, thresh, pound, wear […]

  • Lithotomy position

    lithotomy position n. A supine position in which the hips and knees are fully flexed with the legs spread apart and raised and the feet resting in straps. Also called dorsosacral position.

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    [lith-uh-trip-ter] /ˈlɪθ əˌtrɪp tər/ noun 1. a device used for fragmenting kidney stones with ultrasound waves. /ˈlɪθəˌtrɪptə/ noun 1. a machine that pulverizes kidney stones by ultrasound as an alternative to their surgical removal lithotripter lith·o·trip·ter (lĭth’ə-trĭp’tər) n. A device that pulverizes kidney stones by passing shock waves through a water-filled tub in which the […]

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    lithotriptoscopy lith·o·trip·tos·co·py (lĭth’ə-trĭp-tŏs’kə-pē) n. The crushing of a stone in the bladder while viewing directly through a cystoscope.

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