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[lit-er-uh-tur; French lee-tey-ra-tœr] /ˌlɪt ər əˈtɜr; French li teɪ raˈtœr/

noun, plural littérateurs
[lit-er-uh-turz; French lee-tey-ra-tœr] /ˌlɪt ər əˈtɜrz; French li teɪ raˈtœr/ (Show IPA)
a literary person, especially a writer of literary works.
/ˌlɪtərəˈtɜː; French literatœr/
an author, esp a professional writer

“a literary man,” 1806, from French littérateur, from Latin litterator “a grammarian, philologist,” from littera “letter” (see letter (n.1)). Sometimes Englished as literator (1630s, often with a deprecatory sense). Fem. form is littératrice.


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