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Little green apples

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sure as god made little green apples


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  • Little-green-heron

    noun 1. . [green-bakt] /ˈgrinˌbækt/ noun 1. a small, American heron, Butorides striatus, having glossy green wings. noun See green heron

  • Little green man

    noun an alien; an imaginary person from an extraterrestrial world Examples Lots of cartoons depict little green men getting out of flying saucers. Word Origin 1906

  • Little green men

    noun phrase Aliens from outer space, said to have been seen descending from flying saucers: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, which has long been derided as a quest for ”little green men” (1961+)

  • Little-gull

    noun 1. a small, Old World gull, Larus minutus.

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