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[liv-lawng, -long] /ˈlɪvˌlɔŋ, -ˌlɒŋ/

(of time) whole or entire, especially when tediously long, slow in passing, etc.:
We picked apples the livelong day.
adjective (mainly poetic)
(of time) long or seemingly long, esp in a tedious way (esp in the phrase all the livelong day)
whole; entire
(Brit) another name for orpine

also live-long, c.1400, lefe longe (day), from leve, lief “dear” (see lief), used here as an emotional intensive + long (adj). From late 16c. conformed in spelling to live (v.) as lief grew strange. German has cognate die liebe lange Nacht, literally “the dear long night.”


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