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Liver rounds

noun phrase

An after-hours gathering of doctors at a cocktail lounge, bar, or party (1980s+ Medical)


Read Also:

  • Liver salts

    plural noun 1. a preparation of mineral salts used to treat indigestion

  • Liver-sausage

    [liv-er] /ˈlɪv ər/ noun 1. . /ˈlɪvəˌwɜːst/ noun 1. a sausage made of or containing liver

  • Liver spot

    noun See age spot liver spot n. A benign, localized brownish patch on the skin, often occurring in old age and most often in people with pale, sun-damaged skin. Also called senile lentigo.

  • Liver-spots

    [liv-er] /ˈlɪv ər/ noun, Pathology. 1. a form of chloasma in which irregularly shaped light-brown spots occur on the skin.

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